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Filagrano Catalog of Advertising Entries In this new publication we reproduce, in their original colors, all the known pieces, listing the essays, the tests and the most striking varieties alongside a grid prepared for some internal or foreign postal uses and accessory services, in which the collector can mark the pieces that he will gradually add to the collection. Term of Sales

Filagrano Postal Stationery

XXXIII edition of the Filagrano Catalog. In this edition we have updated the Kingdom, the R.S.I., the Republic, Occupations of World War I and II, Post Offices Abroad and Colonies with the inclusion of new finds, photographs, and price changes. We have completely revised the chapter of the Senate of the Kingdom and that of the IPZS which, after a period of great interest in collecting, needed an updated cataloging. Term of Sales

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A wide range of postal stationery to enrich or complete your collection! Term of Sales

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